A New Era of Fashion: Angelina Jolie’s Debut Designer Dress at the Oscars

A New Era of Fashion: Angelina Jolie’s Debut Designer Dress at the Oscars

At the 2024 Oscar Awards on Sunday, March 10, Angelia Jolie showcased her talent as a designer by debuting a gown on the red carpet. However, it was not Jolie herself who wore the stunning creation, but journalist Suleika Jaouad, who is known as the wife of singer Jon Batiste. Jaouad also happens to be the star of Batiste’s documentary, American Symphony, which was nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar.

The gown, carefully crafted by Jolie herself, was from her very own clothing brand, Atelier Jolie. This high-end piece was intricately pleated and made from a luxurious champagne-gold fabric. Jaouad completed the look by wearing a matching cape draped gracefully over her shoulders. A standout feature of the dress was a sketch on the back, created by artist Chaz Guest, adding an extra layer of artistry to the ensemble.

During an interview with Canadian entertainment outlet Etalk on the red carpet, Jaouad expressed her gratitude for the personalized design by Jolie and the artistic touch by Chaz Guest. She pointed out the painted conductor on her gown, representing Mr. Batiste in a unique and creative way. This dress truly captured the essence of the occasion and the close connection between fashion, art, and music.

In a conversation with Vogue, Jolie revealed her deep admiration for Suleika Jaouad and her inspirational approach towards life. Jolie emphasized that dressing someone should be about more than just the dress itself; it should be an extension of the person wearing it. The gown was a symbol of empowerment and grace, mirroring Jaouad’s own strength in facing life’s challenges.

Atelier Jolie was officially introduced to the world on May 18, 2023, through an online platform, and later expanded with a physical store located in New York City. The store is situated in a historic SoHo building where renowned artist Jean-Michel Basquiat once lived and worked in the ’80s, renting it from fellow artist Andy Warhol. This location adds a touch of art history to Jolie’s growing fashion empire.

Angelina Jolie’s debut dress at the Oscars marks a new era in her career as a designer, showcasing her talent and creativity beyond the realms of Hollywood. The collaboration with Suleika Jaouad and the presence of art in fashion highlight the powerful intersection of different forms of artistic expression, setting a new standard for red carpet fashion.


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