Candid Interview with Kristen Stewart: A Peek into Her Home Life and Future Plans

Candid Interview with Kristen Stewart: A Peek into Her Home Life and Future Plans

Kristen Stewart recently sat down with Rolling Stone for a very candid interview, where she gave readers a glimpse into her home life and future plans with fiancée Dylan Meyer. One of the topics that Stewart briefly touched on was her annoyance with constantly being asked about her past relationship with Twilight co-star and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, even over 10 years after their 2013 breakup. Both Stewart and Pattinson have moved on, with Pattinson currently expecting his first child with his partner, Suki Waterhouse. Stewart bluntly expressed her frustration, stating, “Rob and I can’t just keep talking about that shit, because it’s fucking weird.”

Although Stewart was less thrilled to revisit her past with Pattinson, she was much happier to talk about her love story with Meyer and the future they envision together. Stewart shared that she and Meyer are not only engaged but also creative partners professionally. According to Stewart, their shared passion for the same things has made their partnership incredibly successful. She gushed, “I found the right person because I can be so obsessive about what I do. And luckily my girlfriend, my partner, we are into the same shit.”

Stewart revealed that she and Meyer initially met on the set of American Ultra, where they connected instantly. However, due to other romantic entanglements at the time, they lost touch. It wasn’t until six years later that they crossed paths again. Reflecting on their past, Stewart admitted fault in not responding to an email from Meyer. Despite the initial misstep, Stewart took charge in reigniting their relationship, emphasizing her certainty in making it happen.

As for their wedding plans, Stewart shared that they are both focused on their respective passion projects and don’t feel the need for a grand celebration. Instead, they are considering a low-key ceremony in the near future. When it comes to expanding their family, Stewart expressed her desire to have children, stating, “There’s no fucking way that I don’t start acquiring kids.” Rolling Stone noted that Stewart and Meyer have begun discussing how they might approach starting a family, including the possibility of carrying each other’s embryos.

While Stewart is open to the idea of pregnancy and having a child, she candidly admitted her fear of childbirth. Describing the process as “crazy,” Stewart expressed her aversion to the intense physical experience of giving birth. Despite her apprehension, Stewart acknowledged that pregnancy is a radical experience, one that she may be willing to undergo eventually. She emphasized her reliance on self-medication with marijuana, revealing her discomfort with hard drugs.

Kristen Stewart’s interview with Rolling Stone provided an intimate look into her personal life with Dylan Meyer and their future plans. From addressing past relationships to discussing their wedding and family aspirations, Stewart’s candidness and vulnerability resonate with readers, showcasing a genuine and down-to-earth side of the actress.


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