Celebrity Empowerment: Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Divorce Rings’

Celebrity Empowerment: Emily Ratajkowski’s ‘Divorce Rings’

Emily Ratajkowski recently took to Instagram to debut her two diamond “divorce rings” by Alison Lou, showcasing a bold statement of empowerment. These rings were crafted by splitting the diamonds from her two-stone engagement ring with her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, and reimagining them into new and unique pieces. The addition of the square diamond with two accompanying diamonds further adds to the symbolism of this transformation.

Despite going through a divorce, Ratajkowski has been vocal about embracing this new chapter in her life. In a candid interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed a range of emotions she has experienced post-divorce, from anger and sadness to excitement and joy. This level of honesty and self-awareness reflects her commitment to personal growth and acceptance.

Ratajkowski’s journey towards independence and self-discovery post-divorce is evident in her approach to dating. While she has ventured into the dating world again, she remains cautious and focused on taking time for herself. In an interview with HommeGirls, she expressed pride in her newfound sense of self-reliance, highlighting the importance of not settling for less than she deserves.

The model and actress revealed that she has explored dating apps as a way to meet new people, showcasing her openness to different experiences. Despite only going on one date from an app, she emphasized the value of forming connections with others, whether through traditional means or modern platforms.

Emily Ratajkowski’s journey post-divorce serves as an inspiration for many, emphasizing the importance of self-love, empowerment, and growth. By showcasing her “divorce rings” and openly discussing her emotions and experiences, she encourages others to embrace change and prioritize their own well-being.


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