Celebrity Style: Romeo Beckham Pays Tribute to Dad’s Iconic Look

Celebrity Style: Romeo Beckham Pays Tribute to Dad’s Iconic Look

Romeo Beckham, the 21-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham, recently made a fashion statement on Instagram by showcasing a new addition to his wardrobe. He was seen wearing a knitted sweater from HighSnobiety’s collection, specifically the ‘Becks Knit Sweater Multi’ which features an all-over graphic of his famous parents.

One of the standout features of Romeo’s outfit was the homage he paid to his dad’s iconic style era – the Beckham buzz cut. The front of the cloud-blue knitwear displayed a print of David Beckham from 2001 during his time as the face of Adidas’ “I Kiss Football” campaign. The back of the sweater featured a candid photo of both David and Victoria Beckham, capturing a moment of pure nostalgia.

The sweater worn by Romeo is part of HighSnobiety’s ‘Not In’ collection and is being sold exclusively at Selfridges. Described as a tribute to David Beckham’s transition from a football legend to a cultural icon, the design captures the essence of his ‘heartthrob’ era from the noughties. The choice of graphics on the sweater reflects the trendy and retro vibe associated with the Beckham family.

In addition to his fashionable sweater choice, Romeo also debuted a new super-short haircut that closely resembled his dad’s famous buzz cut. This change in hairstyle was noticed by fans on Instagram, with many pointing out the striking resemblance between the father and son duo. The young Beckham seems to be taking style inspiration directly from his dad, creating a sense of unity in their iconic looks.

Romeo Beckham’s recent fashion display showcases more than just trendy clothing – it represents a bond between father and son, a homage to iconic style eras, and a celebration of family heritage. As he effortlessly rocks the Beckham buzz cut and sports retro-inspired knitwear, Romeo proves that style truly runs in the family.


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