Evolution of Angelina Jolie’s Iconic Hair Transformations

Evolution of Angelina Jolie’s Iconic Hair Transformations

Angelina Jolie has never been one to shy away from experimenting with her look, especially when it comes to her hair. From shaving her head in 1997 to rocking a platinum blonde bob in the 1999 film “Girl, Interrupted,” Angelina has showcased a wide range of hairstyles over the years.

During the late 90s, Angelina sported a signature spiky look which was a popular trend at the time. However, she didn’t stop there – she eventually transitioned to a gelled comb-over before growing her hair out for her role in “Girl, Interrupted.” Fast forward to the early 2000s, Angelina surprised everyone with long, jet black hair reminiscent of the Addams Family matriarch.

In between her drastic hair changes, Angelina also experimented with a brief stint of gray hair at the Golden Globes in 2000. She rocked a blue-ish, silver bob with dark roots styled in soft waves, showing her versatility and willingness to push the boundaries when it comes to her hair. Despite leaving behind the extreme transformations, Angelina still manages to keep things interesting with subtle changes. For instance, during the London premiere of “Salt” in 2010, she added tousled bangs to her classic brunette look.

Angelina Jolie’s hair evolution over the years reflects her bold and fearless nature when it comes to trying out different styles. From buzz cuts to platinum blonde bobs to jet black locks, Angelina has proven time and time again that she can pull off any look with grace and elegance. Whether it’s for a movie role or a red carpet event, Angelina’s hair transformations always make a statement and leave a lasting impression. It’s safe to say that her hairstyle choices will continue to inspire and influence fans and fellow celebrities for years to come.


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