Examining Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh’s Easter Matins Style Tribute to her Daughter

Examining Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh’s Easter Matins Style Tribute to her Daughter

Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, made a fashion statement as she attended the Easter Matins service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor alongside King Charles and Queen Camilla last week. The 59-year-old doting mother-of-two turned heads with her unexpected choice of a vibrant purple Prada coat. However, it was not just her outfit that caught the attention of onlookers, but also a subtle tribute to her daughter, Lady Louise.

A Touch of Mother-Daughter Style

Sophie was spotted wearing her hair down with a beret-style fascinator perched on top, which actually belonged to her daughter Lady Louise. This choice of accessory could have been a secret nod to her daughter, who has not attended the service for the past two years. Despite Louise’s absence not being addressed, it is speculated that she may have had university commitments at the University of St Andrews, where her cousin Prince William and Princess Kate had also attended in the past.

Sophie’s outfit for Easter Sunday showcased a mix of new and recycled pieces. While Louise’s beret was a sentimental choice, the main event – the purple coat – was a royal re-wear from a decade ago. Sophie first wore the aubergine-hued coat during a visit to the String Orchestra at the Royal Artillery Barracks in 2014. This time around, she paired it with nude patent heels and a snake print clutch, giving it a fresh update.

The Duchess and Lady Louise have a history of sharing clothes and creating matching fashion moments. In 2018, Lady Louise borrowed a black and white skater dress from her mother’s wardrobe for Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, after Sophie had previously worn it to Wimbledon. Similarly, the mother-daughter duo coordinated their outfits for the 2019 Easter Sunday service, both opting for black floral dresses and flamboyant fascinators.

The Easter Matins service provided a rare glimpse of the mother-daughter pair together in public, as they hadn’t been spotted since the Christmas Day service at Sandringham the year prior. On both occasions, Sophie and Lady Louise showcased their chic style with elegant coats and stylish headwear, demonstrating their shared love for fashion and unique sartorial choices.

Sophie, the Duchess of Edinburgh, not only showcased her impeccable fashion sense at the Easter Matins service but also paid a subtle tribute to her daughter through her choice of accessories. The mother-daughter duo’s shared love for fashion and their willingness to borrow each other’s clothes highlights their close bond and mutual admiration. As they continue to make stylish appearances together, it is evident that Sophie and Lady Louise’s fashionable moments will continue to captivate onlookers and fashion enthusiasts alike.


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