Gayle King Shines in Sports Illustrated’s 60th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue

Gayle King Shines in Sports Illustrated’s 60th Anniversary Swimsuit Issue

Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue has long been known for featuring supermodels and celebrities in skimpy swimwear, exuding confidence and beauty. However, for its 60th anniversary issue, SI decided to break the mold by selecting 69-year-old Gayle King as one of the cover stars. This move was unprecedented, as Gayle became one of the few stars in the history of the magazine to receive an individual cover and shoot.

The Editor-in-Chief of SI Swimsuit, MJ Day, expressed the significance of this milestone by assembling a group of influential alumni for a legendary photo shoot. The chosen cover stars, including Gayle King, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, and Hunter McGrady, represent a diverse range of women who redefine beauty standards. The three covers created for this special issue serve as a triptych that celebrates the collective strength, power, beauty, and diversity that SI Swimsuit embodies at 60.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated during the shoot in Mexico, Gayle King reflected on the unexpected opportunity to grace the cover of the iconic magazine. She admitted that posing in a bathing suit for SI Swimsuit was never a part of her plans, but the experience allowed her to dream a bigger dream than she had ever imagined for herself. Gayle’s presence on set emphasized the message that women are limitless and in control of their destinies, inspiring others to pursue their aspirations fearlessly.

For her cover shoot, Gayle King exuded confidence and glamour in a variety of stylish swimsuits, including a pink and green knit one-piece with spaghetti straps and a matching cover-up, a black one-piece with a mesh dress on top, a plunging canary yellow swimsuit, and a white ruffled halter neck piece. The behind-the-scenes video shared on social media garnered praise from fans and fellow celebrities, who commended her for radiating confidence and beauty at any age.

Gayle King’s appearance in Sports Illustrated’s 60th anniversary Swimsuit Issue sends a powerful message of inclusivity, self-acceptance, and empowerment. By featuring a woman of color and a mature age on the cover, SI Swimsuit challenges traditional beauty norms and celebrates the beauty of diversity. Gayle’s journey from disbelief to embracing the unexpected opportunity serves as a reminder that dreams can manifest in the most surprising ways, inspiring others to embrace new possibilities and believe in the power of their dreams.

Overall, Gayle King’s presence in the 60th-anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit represents a bold step towards a more inclusive and diverse representation of beauty in the media. Her confident demeanor, elegant style, and empowering message make her a trailblazer in the fashion industry and a role model for women of all ages. As the world of fashion continues to evolve, Gayle’s cover shoot stands as a testament to the timeless appeal of confidence, grace, and authenticity in defining true beauty.


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