Julia Fox Inspires Aspiring Fashion Designers in “OMG Fashun”

Julia Fox Inspires Aspiring Fashion Designers in “OMG Fashun”

Julia Fox, best known for her bold and unconventional style, is challenging aspiring fashion designers in E!’s new competition series “OMG Fashun” to transform trash into show-stopping looks. Co-host Law Roach emphasizes that the designers are creating for the ultimate muse, Julia Fox herself. In a super-tease for the show, Roach highlights the concept that one man’s trash can indeed be Julia Fox’s treasure.

Unconventional Creations

In a sneak peek, Julia Fox appears to model a creation made entirely from items found in a dumpster. Her unapologetic approach to fashion is evident as she showcases a piece of ornately decorated furniture resting on her head. The ability to turn trash into treasure is praised by Roach, a renowned stylist known for creating iconic red carpet looks for celebrities like Zendaya.

Contestants on “OMG Fashun” Season 1 express admiration for Julia Fox’s fearless approach to fashion. They commend her for pushing boundaries and curating ensembles without constraints. One designer describes her as bold, while another acknowledges her as a trendsetter unafraid to take risks. Fox’s confidence and willingness to experiment with unconventional materials make her an ideal inspiration for the competition.

Rewards and Challenges

As designers strive to impress Julia Fox with their creations, she offers a unique reward system. The most talented participants have the chance to win a substantial cash prize, while those who fall short may receive costume jewelry or even just a few cents. The pressure of the competition is palpable, with contestants admitting to feeling stressed by the fast-paced challenge. Despite the intensity of the show, Julia Fox remains unfazed, treating “OMG Fashun” as an extension of her everyday fashion adventures.

Each episode of “OMG Fashun” features three designers tasked with producing bold looks for Julia Fox using unconventional techniques. The show also welcomes guest judges such as Bravo star Phaedra Parks, drag legend Violet Chachki, and actress Tommy Dorfman. These industry experts provide valuable feedback and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the competition.

“OMG Fashun” premieres with back-to-back episodes on Monday, May 6, at 9 p.m. ET on E! Viewers can expect to witness innovative fashion creations, high-stakes challenges, and the fearless spirit of Julia Fox as she inspires a new generation of designers to think outside the box and transform trash into treasure.


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