Kourtney Kardashian’s Postpartum Styling Tips Revealed

Kourtney Kardashian’s Postpartum Styling Tips Revealed

Kourtney Kardashian, the star of “Kardashians,” recently shared her postpartum styling tips on Instagram. She emphasized the importance of comfort and ease when it comes to dressing postpartum while breastfeeding. According to Kardashian, throwing on an oversized coat and flat shoes are essentials for her postpartum style. She also mentioned her love for leggings, sweats, and anything baggy and comfortable, including her husband’s vintage t-shirts and Dickies.

In addition to her outfit choices, Kardashian also disclosed her quick two-minute hair and makeup routine for busy mornings with a baby. She shared that she uses Kosas concealer, curls her lashes, applies one coat of mascara, brushes her eyebrows, and finishes off with a clear lip gloss from Kylie Cosmetics. Despite her minimal makeup routine, she admitted to leaving her hair wet and letting it dry naturally, often tucking it into her jacket for a no-fuss look.

As a mother of four, including her newborn baby Rocky, Kardashian revealed some mom hacks for multitasking. She pointed out the significance of having a good playmat for the baby to play on while quickly going through her morning routine. Whether it’s utilizing a baby activity mat or relying on dad’s arms for support, Kardashian highlighted how important it is to efficiently manage time as a busy mom.

Despite attending events like a Blink 182 concert in Australia, Kardashian stays true to her no-fuss hair routine. She was seen sporting a white football jersey with no pants, accompanied by her children and husband Travis Barker. Even on a night out, Kardashian maintained her effortless style, showcasing loose, wavy hair pulled back with a stretchy black headband.

Kourtney Kardashian’s postpartum styling tips offer a glimpse into her practical and laid-back approach to fashion and beauty. Embracing comfort, simplicity, and efficiency, Kardashian proves that effortless style can still be chic and trendy, even during the chaotic and busy days of motherhood. Her ability to balance motherhood with her personal style is a testament to her versatility and relatability as a celebrity figure.


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