Loving Him in Chiefs Red: Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Travis Kelce

Loving Him in Chiefs Red: Taylor Swift Pays Tribute to Travis Kelce

During her 87th Eras Tour stop in Paris, Taylor Swift made a bold fashion choice to pay tribute to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, by wearing Kansas City Chiefs colors. Known for her attention to detail and meaningful gestures, Swift donned an embellished gold crop top and a red skater skirt, dazzling fans with her ombre-colored ensemble.

Throughout her performance of songs from the “1989” album, Swift made several romantic nods to Kelce, who was watching from the VIP section. Altering the lyrics of her songs to include references to the NFL star, Swift sang about karma and blew a kiss to her beau during different moments of the show. Fans speculated that the song “So High School” was about Kelce, as he was seen beaming and dancing along to the music.

Fans expressed excitement over Swift’s public display of affection towards Kelce, with many commenting on social media about how happy they were for the couple. Swift’s deliberate choice to include nods to Kelce in her performance indicated a desire to share their relationship with the world on her own terms. Kelce, who had been absent from several of Swift’s previous performances, made a special appearance at the Paris concert, further solidifying their bond.

Symbolic Meaning

It was noted that the number 87 holds significance for Kelce, as it is his jersey number. Swift’s decision to go all out for her 87th Eras Tour concert could have been a deliberate nod to Kelce’s connection to the number. As the tour continues internationally, Kelce may accompany Swift to more shows, extending their time together in Europe.

Taylor Swift’s tribute to Travis Kelce at her Paris concert was a bold and heartfelt gesture that delighted fans and showcased their love for each other. With intentional references to Kelce throughout the performance, Swift demonstrated her willingness to share their relationship with the world in her own unique way. As the tour progresses, fans can expect more romantic gestures and nods to Kelce from Swift, solidifying their status as a power couple in the entertainment industry.


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