Megan Fox Reveals Thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly’s New Tattoos

Megan Fox Reveals Thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly’s New Tattoos

Megan Fox recently discussed her thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly’s new blackout tattoos on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast. She revealed that the singer’s decision to get these tattoos was influenced by mixed emotions surrounding his previous tattoos that he wanted to cover up. Although Fox admitted she was unsure of what the original tattoos represented, she mentioned that Kelly did not want to revisit those memories and felt the need to get rid of them.

During the podcast, Fox also mentioned that Machine Gun Kelly did not opt for anesthesia when getting his arms-length blackout tattoos. She expressed admiration for his ability to endure the pain without any painkillers, stating that not many people could handle that level of discomfort. Despite not being present for his tattoo sessions, Fox described the experience as a “spiritual initiation” for Kelly, emphasizing that she did not feel the need to be by his side during the process.

Despite mixed reactions from fans, Megan Fox shared her approval of Machine Gun Kelly’s new tattoos, describing them as an “elevated version” of his previous tattoos. She praised the elegance and forward-thinking nature of the artwork, predicting that it may even become a trend in the future. Fox’s support for Kelly’s body art emphasized her appreciation for his personal expression and individuality.

While discussing their relationship, Megan Fox confirmed that she and Machine Gun Kelly had called off their engagement at one point. She chose not to disclose details about their current wedding plans, emphasizing that their relationship is not for public consumption. Despite confirming their engagement in January 2022, Fox remained coy about the status of their relationship and their future plans together.

Throughout their relationship, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly became known for their unapologetic displays of affection, both on red carpets and at award shows. They even took their love to the tattoo shop, with Fox getting Kelly’s name inked on her chest. The couple also sported matching tattoos, showcasing their bond and commitment to each other through shared body art.

Megan Fox’s candid revelations about Machine Gun Kelly’s new tattoos shed light on the emotional significance behind his decision to get inked. Despite the pain and personal nature of the process, Fox’s support and admiration for Kelly’s body art reflect their strong connection and shared journey as a couple. As they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, their commitment to each other remains evident through their public displays of affection and shared designs.


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