Meghan Markle Rocks a Dress with a Controversial Name

Meghan Markle Rocks a Dress with a Controversial Name

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s visit to Nigeria wasn’t just about their interactions with the students; it was also about Meghan’s fashion choice that stirred up social media. The Duchess of Sussex made a statement in a backless peach maxi dress designed by Heidi Merrick, named the “Windsor.” This choice raised eyebrows given Meghan’s past ties to the Windsor family and her decision to distance herself from royal life. The outfit was accessorized with a gold chain necklace and wooden bead necklace that Prince Harry also received during the visit.

Meghan’s peach maxi dress from Heidi Merrick’s 2018 collection raised questions about the Duchess’s intentions. Some fans couldn’t help but notice the irony of Meghan wearing a dress called the “Windsor” despite having left royal life and her residence at Windsor Castle in 2020. The choice of attire seemed to contradict Meghan’s efforts to distance herself from the Windsors, adding fuel to the fire of speculation among royal enthusiasts.

Social media users were quick to comment on Meghan’s fashion choice, with some interpreting it as a deliberate move to garner attention and make a statement. Comments ranged from amused observations to accusations of intentional provocation. Some users compared Meghan’s actions to historical figures, suggesting that she was following a controversial path akin to Wallis Simpson. The reactions on social media highlighted the ongoing fascination and scrutiny surrounding Meghan and Harry’s post-royal life choices.

While Meghan’s fashion choice drew attention during their trip to Nigeria, Prince Harry’s return to London was relatively low-key. Despite his series of events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, no members of the Windsor family were reported to have met with him. The absence of Prince William and King Charles III further emphasized the rift between Harry and his royal relatives. Instead, Prince Harry was surrounded by members of Princess Diana’s family, including Earl Spencer and Lady Jane Fellowes, showcasing his continued connection to his mother’s side of the family.

Meghan Markle’s choice of attire during her visit to Nigeria sparked controversy and speculation among royal followers. The “Windsor” dress named ironically raised questions about Meghan’s intentions and her ongoing relationship with the royal family. The contrasting receptions in the UK further emphasized the complexities of Harry and Meghan’s post-royal life and their evolving relationships with the Windsor family.


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