Meghan Markle Rocks Budget-Friendly Accessories During Invictus Games Event

Meghan Markle Rocks Budget-Friendly Accessories During Invictus Games Event

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her impeccable sense of style and love for high-end designer fashion. However, during the recent Invictus Games 2025 One Year to Go event in Whistler, Canada, she showcased her love for budget-friendly accessories. Despite being surrounded by expensive designer duds, Markle opted to complete her wintry look with Blenders Grove sunglasses, which cost only $59. This choice highlighted her ability to mix luxury items with more affordable pieces seamlessly.

Throughout the event, Meghan Markle paired her Blenders Grove sunglasses with an Hermès jacket and accessories from Aritzia, such as the Babaton Kisho beanie ($55) and Sunday Best Coco scarf ($48). She also wore an earlier version of the Kamik Sienna boots ($90). This combination of high and low-end fashion items not only showcased her style versatility but also resonated with her fans who admired her ability to make budget-friendly pieces look luxurious.

While Meghan Markle is often seen sporting designer sunglasses from luxury brands like Ray-Ban and Celine, her preference for more affordable options is not new. She has previously been spotted wearing Le Specs’ Air Heart sunglasses ($75) during her 2019 baby shower and the brand’s Le Danzing shades ($85) on another outing in 2020. These instances not only solidify her love for stylish eyewear but also emphasize her relatable fashion choices despite her royal status.

Meghan Markle’s choice to wear budget-friendly accessories like Blenders Grove sunglasses during high-profile events sends a powerful message about accessibility in fashion. By mixing luxury pieces with more affordable options, she showcases that style is not solely determined by price tags but rather by personal taste and creativity. This approach resonates with a wider audience who appreciate her efforts to make fashion more inclusive and relatable.

Meghan Markle’s recent fashion choices during the Invictus Games event highlight her ability to seamlessly blend high-end designer pieces with more budget-friendly accessories. By opting for affordable items like Blenders Grove sunglasses, she showcases her sense of style and individuality while also emphasizing the importance of accessibility in fashion. Her fashion choices continue to inspire and influence many, proving that style is not limited by price but rather by personal expression.


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