Optimizing Health at 70: The Secrets of Liz Hilliard

Optimizing Health at 70: The Secrets of Liz Hilliard

At 70 years old, Liz Hilliard is a beacon of health and wellness. She has dedicated herself to maintaining her physical fitness and overall well-being through a combination of Pilates, weight training, and a clean diet. Liz understands that ageing is a privilege and believes that making proactive changes to one’s lifestyle and diet is essential for thriving regardless of age.

Liz’s daily goal is to consume a healthy Mediterranean-based diet, rich in whole foods that span the colors of the rainbow. She emphasizes the importance of incorporating lean protein into her meals to support her body’s strength and performance. Additionally, Liz has introduced various supplements into her daily routine to address specific health needs that may arise with age.

One of the key supplements Liz takes is glutathione, a master antioxidant that naturally occurs in the body but diminishes with age. By taking glutathione in a liquid liposomal form, Liz supports her energy production and cardiovascular health. She also ensures she receives a B12 shot every few months to aid in energy function and red blood cell formation.

Supporting Bone and Muscle Health

To maintain optimal bone health, Liz takes a daily vitamin D3 supplement, which assists in the absorption of calcium from her diet. This vitamin also helps boost her immune system and elevate her mood, impacting her mental health positively. Liz also prioritizes muscle and bone health by supplementing with magnesium, which has been linked to cognitive function and brain health.

Recognizing the natural slowdown of digestive processes with age, Liz incorporates a probiotic into her routine to support gut health and maintain high energy levels. This supplement helps her body function at its best, even with a healthy diet rich in fiber. Liz also developed her signature HSM Smoothie, packed with protein, fiber, healthy fats, and phytonutrients to fuel her workouts and sustain her throughout the day.

Liz Hilliard’s commitment to her health and wellness serves as an inspiration for individuals of all ages. By combining a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and strategic supplementation, Liz has not only optimized her physical health but also nurtured her mental well-being. As we age, it is crucial to prioritize self-care and make adjustments to our lifestyles to ensure we can enjoy a long and fulfilling life, just like Liz Hilliard at 70.


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