Parenting Police Be Warned: Bethenny Frankel Claps Back

Parenting Police Be Warned: Bethenny Frankel Claps Back

Bethenny Frankel is not one to shy away from defending her parenting choices. The former “Real Housewives of New York City” star recently took to Instagram to address the parenting police who criticized her 13-year-old daughter Bryn’s clothes. In a video, Frankel warned trolls to “keep f—king walking” and asserted that her daughter is a beautiful, thoughtful, caring, and loving child.

The Skinnygirl creator did not hold back, expressing that she has a group of women warrior cubs ready to defend her child. Frankel made it clear that while she is open to criticism about various aspects of her life, her parenting is off-limits. She emphasized the importance of her role as a parent and stated that she works tirelessly to raise a well-rounded individual.

Frankel did not stop there. She bluntly told haters to “take a seat” and even went as far as threatening to personally confront anyone who dares to criticize her parenting. This unapologetic stance showcases Frankel’s unwavering dedication to protecting her daughter from online scrutiny and judgment.

While vacationing in Australia with Bryn, Frankel faced additional criticism for her parenting decisions. From the choice of outfits to controversial dessert selections, the reality star found herself at the receiving end of online backlash. Despite the scrutiny, Frankel remains steadfast in her belief that she knows what is best for her daughter.

Frankel’s bold response to critics highlights the challenges faced by public figures when it comes to parenting in the age of social media. As a celebrity mom, she navigates the delicate balance between sharing her life with her followers and protecting her child from undue judgment. This incident serves as a reminder that behind the glamorous facade, celebrities are also parents trying to raise their children in a world filled with constant scrutiny.

Bethenny Frankel’s defiant stance against the parenting police sends a powerful message about maternal instinct and the unwavering bond between a mother and her child. While critics may continue to voice their opinions, Frankel remains resolute in her commitment to nurturing and protecting her daughter above all else.


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