Princess Anne’s Beloved Knotted Brooch: A Story of Craftsmanship

Princess Anne’s Beloved Knotted Brooch: A Story of Craftsmanship

Princess Anne, known for her impeccable style and timeless elegance, possesses a remarkable collection of brooches that add a touch of sophistication to her outfits. One particular piece that stands out is the Princess’ knotted brooch, a gold accessory featuring a rope design adorned with delicate stones. This intricately crafted brooch holds a special significance, which was revealed by its maker, Scottish jeweller Alf Grant.

Alf Grant, a skilled jeweller with a passion for crafting exquisite pieces, embarked on the journey of creating a brooch fit for royalty when he was commissioned to design a special piece for Princess Anne in honor of her 40th birthday. The brooch was intended to commemorate her visit to the Helensburgh yacht club for the opening of their new clubhouse in June 1990, with a nautical theme in mind. Alf meticulously selected materials that symbolized various elements of the Princess’ visit, such as a reef knot made from nine-carat yellow gold wire to represent a rope, Scottish freshwater pearls to signify her Scottish connection, and rubies to mark her milestone birthday.

A Royal Seal of Approval

Upon presenting the brooch to Princess Anne, Alf was privileged to witness her reaction to his exquisite craftsmanship. The Princess expressed admiration for the “beautiful workmanship” and described the brooch as “most charming.” Since its initial presentation, the knotted brooch has become a cherished part of Princess Anne’s collection, making appearances at various engagements over the years. Whether attending official events or engagements with charitable organizations, Princess Anne has been seen proudly wearing the knotted brooch, showcasing its elegant design and sentimental value.

Alf Grant’s dedication to his craft and his ability to create a piece that resonated with Princess Anne did not go unnoticed. The jeweller received a letter from the palace on behalf of the Royal Princess, expressing gratitude for his exceptional workmanship. As Princess Anne continues to wear the knotted brooch on a regular basis, Alf takes pride in knowing that his creation has become a beloved accessory in her collection, symbolizing a lasting connection between the artisan and the royal family.

The story of Princess Anne’s knotted brooch is a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating timeless pieces of jewelry. Through Alf Grant’s skillful hands, a simple brooch became a cherished accessory worn by a princess, embodying a blend of elegance, history, and personal significance. As Princess Anne continues to grace royal events with her presence, her beloved knotted brooch serves as a reminder of the beauty and craftsmanship that adorn the world of royalty.


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