Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Stuns in Spider Brooches

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Stuns in Spider Brooches

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands made a bold fashion statement in The Hague, Netherlands, as she attended the launch of the MIND Us Foundation online tool. While her black wool cape and sleek slate-grey suit from Natan Couture were elegant, it was the two large spider brooches pinned to her jacket that truly captured the attention of royal style enthusiasts.

The glittering spider brooches, designed by Argentinian jewellers Celedonio and adorned with crystals, sparked a mixed reaction from onlookers. Some found the arachnid accessories “horrific” while others deemed them “fabulous.” Queen Maxima effortlessly carried the polarizing pins on her right shoulder, earning praise for her unique sense of style.

This is not the first time Queen Maxima has showcased her affinity for unconventional brooches. Her royal jewellery box includes a variety of insect-inspired pieces, such as a stag beetle brooch worn during an International Women’s Day event. Insect jewellery has a long history, dating back to the Victorian era when natural motifs were considered symbolic of gentleness and virtue.

In recent years, insect motifs have made a resurgence in fashion, with bees and scarab beetles becoming popular symbols. Bees, in particular, have become trendy for their cute appearance and positive associations with nature. The scarab beetle, with its edgier vibe, has also found its way into interior design, adding a touch of whimsy to home decor.

Many people today choose to wear insect-inspired jewellery as a nod to their appreciation of environmental issues. By incorporating these motifs into their outfits, individuals can symbolize their connection to nature and the importance of sustainability. Queen Maxima’s choice to wear spider brooches not only showcases her daring fashion sense but also aligns with the growing trend of eco-conscious fashion choices.


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