The Beauty Secrets of Princess Diana

The Beauty Secrets of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was known for her immaculate beauty and style, and much of that can be attributed to her loyal makeup artist, Mary Greenwell. Throughout Diana’s life, Mary was responsible for creating many of her iconic beauty looks that are still admired and recreated today. Mary often mentions her love for luxury beauty brand La Prairie, known for its top-secret ingredient list and high-end products. In interviews, Mary expresses her genuine adoration for these products, emphasizing that she is not paid to promote them, making her recommendations authentic and trustworthy.

Princess Diana’s Favorite Products

Mary Greenwell has revealed some of Princess Diana’s favorite beauty products, including La Prairie’s ‘White Caviar Serum’ and ‘Skin Caviar Liquid Lift’. The Caviar range is a staple in Mary’s makeup kit and she raves about its nourishing and firming properties. There have been rumors in the beauty world that Diana was a fan of La Prairie’s ‘Skin Caviar Luxe Cream’, a high-end product known for its skin-enhancing benefits. While the brand remains tight-lipped about Diana’s specific skincare routine, Mary’s endorsement adds credibility to these speculations.

Diana’s Timeless Beauty Look

In a 2019 interview with HELLO! Magazine, Mary Greenwell shared insight into Princess Diana’s beauty preferences. Despite always wanting to look stunning, Diana did not have a signature makeup look. She preferred subtle enhancements that highlighted her natural beauty, avoiding bold or flashy makeup. Whether for a daytime or evening event, Diana always aimed to look like the best version of herself. Mary’s approach to enhancing Diana’s features while maintaining her elegance and style speaks to the timeless beauty that Princess Diana exuded.

Princess Diana’s beauty secrets are a blend of luxury skincare products, expert makeup application, and a desire to enhance natural beauty. Thanks to the insights from Mary Greenwell, we get a glimpse into Diana’s beauty routine and the products she favored. While the exact details of Diana’s skincare regimen remain a mystery, it is evident that her beauty was a reflection of grace, elegance, and a touch of glamour. Princess Diana’s beauty legacy continues to inspire and captivate, reminding us that true beauty comes from within.


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