The Benefits of Exercise During Cancer Treatment

The Benefits of Exercise During Cancer Treatment

Princess Kate has been undergoing preventative chemotherapy for cancer, and her commitment to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle has been highlighted. Despite the challenges she may be facing, maintaining physical activity during cancer treatment can offer numerous benefits to her overall well-being and recovery.

Lead cancer nurse specialist, Rachel Rawson, emphasizes the importance of exercise during cancer treatment. It can help manage treatment-related side effects, maintain joint mobility, and strengthen muscles. Engaging in movement during and after cancer treatment may even decrease the risk of recurrence in certain cancer types.

In addition to the physical benefits, remaining active during treatment can also provide psychological and social benefits. From leisurely walks to team sports, exercise can serve as a social activity and bring joy and meaningful connections with family and friends.

While Princess Kate may need to adapt her exercises during recovery, activities such as yoga and Pilates could be beneficial options. These lower impact exercises can help cope with the physical side-effects of cancer treatment and reduce stress for cancer patients.

Fitness and lifestyle coaching expert, Rowan Clift, acknowledges Princess Kate’s existing fitness level and suggests that Pilates and yoga could help her feel more active during her recovery. Feeling movement and strength during such a challenging time can contribute to maintaining a positive outlook and improving quality of life during cancer recovery.

The benefits of exercise during cancer treatment are numerous. Princess Kate’s commitment to staying active and engaging in gentle exercises like yoga and Pilates can support her physical and mental well-being throughout her recovery journey. By adapting her activities and seeking professional advice, she can make the most of her fitness levels and enhance her overall quality of life. Remember, staying strong physically and mentally during cancer recovery can make a significant difference in the journey towards healing and wellness.


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