The Iconic Style of Elizabeth Debicki: Channeling Princess Diana

The Iconic Style of Elizabeth Debicki: Channeling Princess Diana

Elizabeth Debicki has truly embodied the essence of Princess Diana in her latest appearance at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her attention to detail in capturing the mannerisms and physical attributes of the late Princess of Wales is evident in her stunning outfit choice. The custom backless gown designed by Armani Prive is a modern interpretation of Diana’s iconic style, with iridescent frock made up of an icy blue-silver lace material that exudes elegance and grace.

The outfit worn by Elizabeth at the awards ceremony bears a striking resemblance to the ethereal Catherine Walker gown worn by Princess Diana in 1989. The soft pale blue color, lace floral detailing, and strapless silhouette harken back to the glamour and sophistication that Diana was known for. The incorporation of pearls in both Elizabeth’s gown and Diana’s iconic outfits adds a touch of regality and timeless beauty to the ensemble.

Attention to Detail

Elizabeth’s commitment to capturing Diana’s essence goes beyond just fashion. She worked closely with The Crown’s costume designers to perfect her outfits on the Netflix drama, ensuring that each detail was meticulously crafted to honor the Princess’s legacy. From the iconic off-the-shoulder ‘revenge dress’ to the more casual ‘normcore’ looks of the ’90s, Elizabeth’s transformation into Diana is a testament to her dedication to the role.

Not only has Elizabeth captured Diana’s fashion sense, but she has also embodied the Princess’s mannerisms and presence. Her physical resemblance to Diana has garnered praise from fans and critics alike, with many noting the striking similarity between the two. Elizabeth’s ability to channel the spirit of Diana, both in her fashion choices and on-screen presence, is a testament to her talent as an actress.

An Ongoing Transformation

As Elizabeth continues to portray Princess Diana in The Crown, her dedication to capturing the essence of the iconic figure is unwavering. From the intricate details of her outfits to the subtle nuances of her mannerisms, Elizabeth’s portrayal of Diana is a heartfelt tribute to the lasting legacy of the People’s Princess. With each appearance, she breathes new life into Diana’s story, reminding audiences of the enduring impact of one of the most beloved figures in history.


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