The Influence of Fashion on Celebrity Relationships

The Influence of Fashion on Celebrity Relationships

It is often said that the couple that shops together, stays together. Recently, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid were spotted enjoying a breakfast date at Corner Bar in Chinatown, followed by a visit to Hadid’s Guest in Residence store in Soho. This outing not only gave fans a glimpse into their relationship but also showcased their individual styles. Hadid, at 28 years old, opted for a casual look with wide-leg jeans, a white T-shirt, and a brown granny square cardigan. She accessorized with Wales Bonner x Adidas Samba sneakers and DMY sunglasses. On the other hand, Cooper, at 49, chose a more laid-back approach with a black Musicians of the New York Philharmonic hoodie in honor of Leonard Bernstein, whom he portrayed in the film “Maestro.”

Cooper’s fashion choice of the black Musicians of the New York Philharmonic hoodie sparked interest among fans, as it pays homage to Bernstein’s legacy with the Philharmonic. While the exact hoodie is not available for purchase online, it is speculated that Cooper might have received it as a gift from the organization. His connection to Bernstein goes beyond just fashion, as he spent six years studying the music legend’s conduct to prepare for his role in “Maestro.” This dedication to his craft has garnered both praise and ridicule from fans and critics alike.

“Maestro,” the film in which Cooper plays Bernstein, has received critical acclaim and multiple Oscar nominations, including one for best makeup. The controversy surrounding Cooper’s prosthetic nose in the film has only added to the buzz surrounding the project. Cooper’s involvement in promoting the film, such as attending a concert at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall where selections composed by Bernstein were performed, further solidifies his commitment to the project.

Cooper’s relationship with Hadid is not only romantic but also collaborative. After Cooper was spotted wearing a flannel shirt from Guest in Residence, Hadid repurposed the image as an ad for her brand. This level of support and promotion within their relationship shows a deeper connection beyond just being a celebrity couple. Even Cooper’s mother, Gloria Campano, got in on the fashion fun by sporting a pair of rare sneakers from Hadid’s Adidas collaboration during a visit to the Guest in Residence store. This shared interest in fashion and support for each other’s endeavors adds another layer to their relationship.

As Cooper and Hadid’s relationship continues to blossom, with the actor even purchasing a home near the model’s family farm in Pennsylvania, it is clear that fashion and shared interests play a role in their bond. From shopping dates to promotional collaborations, their connection goes beyond the surface level of celebrity relationships. Their willingness to support each other’s passions and endeavors sets a positive example for how fashion can influence and strengthen relationships in the public eye.


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