The Rules of Tiara-Wearing for Princess Kate

The Rules of Tiara-Wearing for Princess Kate

Princess Kate, known for her impeccable style, is often seen sporting royal heirloom tiaras at historic events. However, there is a secret rule that the future queen must follow when it comes to tiara-wearing – they are only to be worn in the evening. It is against royal protocol for Princess Kate, or any permitted royal tiara-wearer, to wear these exquisite pieces during the daytime. This means that even the most important daytime events call for different accessories to adorn the royal’s hairstyle.

Another rule that Princess Kate must adhere to is that only married royal women can wear tiaras. This rule dates back to age-old royal protocol and means that Princess Kate, alongside Duchess Sophie of Edinburgh and Princess Anne, is welcome to wear tiaras. However, even ‘princesses of the blood’ like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie could not wear tiaras until their wedding days. The exception to this rule is on the royal ladies’ wedding day, where they are allowed to wear tiaras to complete their bridal look.

Throughout her time in the royal family, Princess Kate has stunned in various tiaras. One of her most memorable tiara moments was on her wedding day, where she wore the Cartier Halo tiara adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds. Additionally, Princess Kate has been seen wearing the Lotus Flower tiara and the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara at various events, showcasing her effortless elegance and style. Princess Anne and Duchess Sophie have also worn stunning tiaras from the Queen’s collection at special events and state banquets, adding to the royal glamour and tradition.

While Princess Kate may be a royal style icon, there are specific rules she must follow when it comes to wearing tiaras. From wearing tiaras only at evening events to being restricted to married royal women, these rules are deeply rooted in royal tradition and protocol. Despite these rules, Princess Kate, along with other royal women, continues to showcase the beauty and elegance of tiaras at special occasions, adding to the grandeur and regal charm of the British royal family.


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