The Symbolism of Green: A Royal Fashion Statement

The Symbolism of Green: A Royal Fashion Statement

King Charles and Queen Camilla, along with members of their family, attended the Easter Mattins service on Sunday, marking a significant step in the King’s treatment progress. The outing was described as “very encouraging” by Buckingham Palace, and it was evident in the optimism reflected in the family’s attire, particularly the choice of color. The women in the monarch’s life – Queen Camilla, Princess Anne, and Sarah, Duchess of York – all opted for varying shades of green, a color traditionally associated with nature, spring, and new life.

The significance of the color green was not lost on the royal family, especially when paying tribute to the late Prince Philip. At a thanksgiving service in his honor in 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, Camilla, and Spain’s Queen Letizia all donned deep shades of green, reminiscent of Prince Philip’s livery color – Edinburgh Green. This color held great meaning, as it was used for his staff liveries, private cars, and even the driving carriage at his funeral in April 2021.

Green also holds personal significance for members of the royal family. Princess Diana often wore green for symbolic reasons, and last May, Kate Middleton donned a green shirt dress in honor of Mental Health Awareness Week. The initiative, Wear It Green, supports vital research and programs for different communities, emphasizing the importance of good mental health for all.

Royal Fashion Statements

The choice of green in royal attire is not limited to tributes or awareness campaigns. Kate Middleton made a bold statement at Trooping the Colour by wearing green for the first time, symbolizing her role as Colonel of the Irish Guards. She paired her custom green creation with a bespoke Philip Treacy hat and Princess Diana’s Sapphire Earrings. Similarly, Meghan Markle chose a muted olive dress for Prince Louis’ 2018 christening, showing her own affinity for the color green.

A Bold Fashion Choice

While green was a prevalent color choice among the royal women, on Sunday, Duchess Sophie stood out in a vivid purple coat by Prada. The monarch, King Charles, maintained his dapper appearance in a smart coat and a blue tie. The royal couple, beaming with smiles, made their first major public appearance since the King’s cancer diagnosis was announced in February, arriving in a State Bentley at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The symbolism of green in royal fashion extends beyond mere sartorial choices. It serves as a tribute to the past, a statement of solidarity for important causes, and a reflection of personal significance for the wearers. The royal family’s affinity for green not only highlights their fashion sensibilities but also underscores the deeper meanings behind their wardrobe selections.


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