Travis Kelce’s Romantic Gesture for Taylor Swift: A Special Souvenir from the Kentucky Derby

Travis Kelce’s Romantic Gesture for Taylor Swift: A Special Souvenir from the Kentucky Derby

When Travis Kelce attended the Kentucky Derby, he didn’t just enjoy the festivities, but also took the opportunity to pick up a special gift for his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. Instead of arriving empty-handed, Kelce visited S. R. Blackinton and purchased a Derby Gold and Diamond Horseshoe Necklace worth $1,495 for Swift.

The necklace holds more than just monetary value. Crafted from reclaimed 14-karat gold obtained from the production of the Kentucky Derby trophy, the limited-edition design carries a hidden message engraved at the bottom that reads, “Wishing you good luck.” This thoughtful touch not only adds sentimental value to the necklace but also aligns perfectly with Swift’s love for Easter eggs.

S. R. Blackinton, a family business responsible for making the Derby trophy since 1975, co-owned by Susanne Blackinton-Juaire and her daughter, Skyla Blackinton, generously gifted Kelce the special piece for Swift. This act of kindness further solidified the connection between the brand, the couple, and the prestigious event.

The necklace is part of the brand’s 2024 Derby Gold Jewelry Collection, featuring several horseshoe-wishbone designs inspired by the historic pins given to jockeys in early-1900s Europe. The collection, a dream project for mother and daughter, showcases their dedication to creating exquisite pieces using the same gold as the iconic Derby trophy.

In addition to the necklace, Kelce also purchased a pair of sterling silver sippers adorned with the horseshoe-wishbone motif. These matching accessories provide the couple with a symbol of unity and a reminder of their shared memories at the Kentucky Derby.

Travis Kelce’s gesture of love and thoughtfulness towards Taylor Swift not only demonstrates his appreciation for her but also showcases the importance of meaningful gift-giving in relationships. The necklace, with its rich history and sentimental engraving, serves as a reminder of the couple’s special bond and the cherished moments they share together.


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