Understanding the Significance of Milania Giudice’s New Tattoo

Understanding the Significance of Milania Giudice’s New Tattoo

Milania Giudice recently turned 18 and marked the occasion with a new tattoo. She shared the news on TikTok, showcasing the ribcage ink. The tattoo holds special significance for her as it carries the phrase “Sempre Insieme,” which means “always together” in Italian. This phrase has a deep meaning within the Giudice family, with several members, including Milania’s mother and sisters, having the same tattoo.

A Symbol of Family Connection

The choice of tattoo reflects a strong bond within the Giudice family. The phrase “Sempre Insieme” was frequently used by Teresa Giudice’s late parents, Antonia and Giacinto Gorga, and holds sentimental value for the family. After Giacinto’s passing in 2020, both Teresa and her brother Joe had the phrase inscribed on their parents’ gravestone, highlighting its importance in remembering their loved ones.

Honoring Loved Ones

Teresa Giudice herself got the same tattoo in honor of her mother Antonia, who passed away in 2017. She commemorated her mother’s death anniversary by sharing a close-up of the tattoo on Instagram, expressing her deep feelings of missing her mother. The phrase “Sempre Insieme” serves as a constant reminder of the connection and love shared among family members, even in their absence.

The tradition of getting the “Sempre Insieme” tattoo has been passed down to the next generation within the Giudice family. In addition to Milania, Teresa revealed that her other daughters, Gia and Gabriella, have also gotten the tattoo upon turning 18. The family’s commitment to this tradition demonstrates their dedication to staying united and connected through shared experiences and memories.

Even Teresa’s husband, Luis Ruelas, joined in on the family bonding by getting a matching tattoo while on a vacation with Teresa in Greece. The decision to get matching tattoos further solidifies the family bond and serves as a visible symbol of their commitment to always being together, no matter what challenges they may face.

Milania Giudice’s new tattoo not only marks a personal milestone but also symbolizes the enduring bond and connection shared among family members. The significance of the “Sempre Insieme” tattoo lies in its ability to evoke memories, honor loved ones, and strengthen family ties through a shared expression of love and unity.


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