Unlocking the Secrets of Lunar Gardening with Holly Willoughby

Unlocking the Secrets of Lunar Gardening with Holly Willoughby

Holly Willoughby, best known for her role on This Morning and hosting Dancing on Ice, has recently delved into the world of gardening in a unique way – lunar gardening. This unconventional approach to gardening involves tending to your garden based on astrological moments to help it thrive. As the founder of lifestyle brand Wylde Moon, Holly has been sharing her passion for gardening from her lavish £3 million London home. The article ‘How Lunar Gardening can encourage your garden to flourish’ provides insights on when to weed, prune, and plant based on the moon’s phases.

The Lunar Calendar for Gardening

According to Wylde Moon, the optimal time for weeding and garden control is when the moon is in Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, and Gemini. For pruning, it is recommended to do so during Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius while the moon is Waxing to encourage growth. Conversely, pruning during the Waning Moon can help discourage growth. Understanding the Waxing and Waning Moon phases is crucial for success in lunar gardening. The Waxing Moon signifies growth and visibility, while the Waning Moon represents a decrease in visibility from Earth.

In addition to gardening tips, Holly’s wellness brand emphasizes the importance of harnessing the moon’s energy for personal wellness. A key practice suggested is participating in a Full Moon Ritual to realign with the rhythm of the universe and promote balance. The five-step ritual includes cleansing your body, mind, and space, recharging crystals under the moonlight, indulging in a relaxing bath, releasing negative energy, and cultivating self-love and gratitude.

Holly Willoughby’s dedication to wellbeing extends beyond lunar gardening and Full Moon Rituals. Through her lifestyle brand, she encourages individuals to prioritize self-care and connect with nature. Following her departure from This Morning, Holly was seen cultivating a stunning garden filled with hydrangeas, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of spending time outdoors. By incorporating mindfulness practices and embracing the healing power of nature, Holly exemplifies the importance of holistic wellbeing.

Holly Willoughby’s exploration of lunar gardening and wellness rituals serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between nature and personal wellbeing. By aligning with the moon’s phases and practicing mindfulness, individuals can cultivate a deeper connection to the environment and promote inner balance. Through her lifestyle brand Wylde Moon, Holly empowers others to embrace the magic of the moon and prioritize self-care in their daily lives. As we navigate the complexities of modern living, let Holly’s journey inspire us to seek solace in nature and embrace the transformative power of the lunar cycle.


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