Amber “AD” Smith: The Rise of a Reality TV Star

Amber “AD” Smith: The Rise of a Reality TV Star

Amber “AD” Smith, a 33-year-old realtor and former New England Patriots cheerleader, stole the hearts of viewers during her time on “Love is Blind.” Although her relationship with Clay Gravesande ended at the altar in a dramatic Season 6 finale, Smith quickly became a standout star of the franchise. Fans were drawn to her bubbly personality and stylish looks, propelling her to the forefront of discussions about the show. Many are now clamoring for her to be the next “Bachelorette.”

A Busy Schedule

Since her time on “Love is Blind” came to an end in March, Smith has wasted no time in furthering her career. She will be joining other “pod squad” stars at the upcoming “Netflix is a Joke” comedy festival in LA on May 12. Additionally, as summer approaches, Smith has partnered with CeraVe for their “Face it Like a Derm” campaign. The campaign encourages people to protect their skin by wearing moisturizer with sunscreen daily, promoting responsible sun exposure.

Beauty Secrets Revealed

When it comes to beauty, Smith has some go-to products that keep her looking radiant. She is currently a big fan of Fenty Skin, particularly their lip glosses and lip oils. These products, priced at $24, provide hydration and a glossy finish that lasts all day. Smith also shared that she has a particular affinity for a certain scent that she can’t live without this spring.

Amber “AD” Smith’s journey from reality TV contestant to fan favorite is a testament to her charm and charisma. Her continued success in the entertainment industry proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. As she pursues new opportunities and partnerships, it is clear that Smith’s star will only continue to rise. Keep an eye out for this rising star as she makes her mark on the world of television and beyond.


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