Evolution of Dianne Buswell’s Iconic Red Hair

Evolution of Dianne Buswell’s Iconic Red Hair

Dianne Buswell, the Australian-born ballroom dancer known for her bright red hair, recently showed off her latest hair transformation on Instagram. In a video from her £3.5 million home in Sussex, she shared the process of styling her red locks into bouncy mermaid waves, giving off major Ariel from The Little Mermaid vibes.

A Change in Hue and Style

Despite maintaining her signature red hair since bursting onto TV screens in 2017, Dianne decided it was time for a change. Her stylist, Vicky Demetriou, transformed her all-over pillar-box red color into ombréd dark roots with brighter ends and added volume with new extensions. This change was a departure from her usual bright red tone, showing that even iconic looks can evolve.

Looking back at Dianne’s hair evolution over the years, it’s clear that she has experimented with different styles while staying true to her red locks. From old Hollywood waves in 2017 to a slicked-back wet-look in 2018 and a side fringe in 2019, Dianne has showcased versatility in her hair choices.

In 2022, Dianne was spotted leaving a hotel ahead of Strictly rehearsals with her hair scraped up into a high ponytail, showcasing a casual undone look with dark roots showing. She also added pops of candy pink to her front strands, known as money pieces, for a bold and playful twist to her iconic red hair.

Conclusion: Embracing Change and Individuality

Dianne Buswell’s hair journey serves as a reminder that change can be refreshing and that experimenting with different styles can showcase individuality and creativity. From fiery red to bouncy mermaid waves, Dianne continues to inspire with her evolving hair looks, proving that there are no limits to self-expression through hair styling.


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