How Lauren Sanchez Overcame Dyslexia to Publish a Children’s Book

How Lauren Sanchez Overcame Dyslexia to Publish a Children’s Book

Lauren Sanchez, the 54-year-old entrepreneur and journalist, recently announced the upcoming release of her first children’s book, The Fly Who Flew to Space. In a nostalgic social media post, Sanchez shared a childhood photo of herself holding a book, reflecting on her struggles with dyslexia. Growing up, she was unaware of her condition, which made reading a challenging task. This led her to feel behind her peers and scared about her future.

Despite her struggles, Sanchez’s life took a positive turn when a community college professor encouraged her to get tested for dyslexia. This diagnosis changed the trajectory of her life, allowing her to learn alternative methods of learning. With the support of her professor, Sanchez was able to overcome her difficulties and excel academically. She credits this life-changing moment with helping her find the strength to pursue her passion for reading and writing.

On #WorldBookDay, Sanchez expressed her joy at being able to celebrate her love for reading and writing, despite her ongoing challenges with spelling. She hopes that her children’s book will inspire kids to chase their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. Her openness about her struggles with dyslexia has resonated with her fans and followers, many of whom have shared their own stories of overcoming learning disorders.

Sanchez’s close friend, Jewel, who also has dyslexia, commended her for her courage in sharing her story. Jewel expressed pride in Sanchez’s accomplishments and the impact of her children’s book. Additionally, at a recent event where Sanchez was honored for her work, she spoke about the pivotal moment when her journalism teacher helped her get diagnosed with dyslexia. This moment of recognition and support transformed Sanchez’s academic journey and set her on a path to success.

As Lauren Sanchez prepares to release her children’s book, she reflects on her journey of overcoming dyslexia and finding her voice as a writer. Through her resilience and determination, she has inspired others to embrace their challenges and pursue their passions. The Fly Who Flew to Space is not just a book for children; it is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. Sanchez’s story serves as a reminder that with the right support and determination, anything is possible.


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