Julia Fox: Reflecting on Iconic Outfits and Personal Style

Julia Fox: Reflecting on Iconic Outfits and Personal Style

Julia Fox, the host of “OMG Fashun,” recently took a trip down memory lane to revisit some of her most iconic outfits. During an interview with InStyle on YouTube, Julia shared some insights into her personal style and the one look that still “haunts” her.

One outfit that stood out for Julia was the black leather “grip” dress by Danish designer Han Kjøbenhavn, which she wore to the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscars Party. This edgy dress featured a 3-D hand that wrapped around Julia’s neck like a halter, giving it a unique and avant-garde look. However, Julia revealed that the hand didn’t quite behave as expected on the red carpet. She had to use a hair tie as a makeshift solution to keep it in place because the “chokehold was not chokeholding.” Despite the challenges, Julia still considered the dress “amazing” but acknowledged the difficulties she faced wearing it.

Julia shared that she doesn’t just wear pretty or hot outfits for the sake of it. Instead, she sees fashion as an opportunity to tell a story and channel different characters. Whether she’s playing an “office woman, 9 to 5 woman” or exploring other personas, Julia uses her style to express herself creatively. This approach to fashion allows her to infuse meaning and depth into her outfits, moving beyond mere aesthetics.

Discussing her upcoming E! competition show, “OMG Fashun,” Julia expressed her initial intimidation at working with celebrity stylist Law Roach as her co-host. She saw Law as a fashion god and questioned her own worthiness to collaborate with him. Despite her diverse range of talents, from writing books and acting to modeling, singing, and producing, Julia humorously admitted, “I hate working. I hate work. Doesn’t everybody though?” This candid confession offers a glimpse into the complexities of her relationship with work and creativity.

At the core of it all, Julia’s dream is straightforward – to be at home on TikTok, enjoying her snacks. This seemingly mundane desire juxtaposes her work in the glitzy world of fashion and entertainment. It highlights Julia’s appreciation for simplicity and comfort, even as she navigates the glamorous and demanding landscape of showbiz. This down-to-earth aspiration adds a relatable and humanizing dimension to Julia’s public persona, showcasing her authenticity and relatability.


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