Kim Kardashian is Making Waves Ahead of the 2024 Met Gala

Kim Kardashian is Making Waves Ahead of the 2024 Met Gala

Kim Kardashian is known for her bold fashion choices and iconic looks, especially during the Met Gala. This year, she is already making headlines with a revival of her platinum blonde hairstyle that first made waves at the 2022 event. The SKIMS founder shocked the world when she wore the late Marylin Monroe’s $4.8 million ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’ dress, granted special permission from the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. The transformation from jet black to peroxide blonde was no easy feat, with her hair stylist, Chris Appleton, spending 14 grueling hours in the beauty chair to achieve the look.

While Kim’s platinum blonde moment on the red carpet was mesmerizing, close-up photographs revealed some discrepancies in the color. Fans on TikTok noticed brassy patches and warm streaks throughout her “real” hair, sparking a debate on social media. Hairstylist Zach Mesquit pointed out the different shades in Kim’s hair, attributing the disparity to issues with her black hair lifting consistently. He also suggested that her decision to wear her hair in a tight bun, rather than a bouffant ‘do, was due to the blonde ends not lifting enough. Despite the criticism, Kim’s bold choice to go platinum blonde again has divided opinions among fans.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kim’s hair stylist, Chris, announced on TikTok that she had once again returned to the blonde side. The news was met with excitement from fans, with many celebrating the return of “BLONDE KIMMY.” However, others raised concerns about the potential damage to her hair from multiple transformations. Some suggested a honey blonde shade would have been a better choice. The debate over Kim’s hair color continues to rage on, with fans questioning whether her blonde look is a wig or natural.

Hairstylist Chris Appleton weighed in on another controversial hair topic in a previous interview with HELLO! He addressed rumors about Princess Diana’s hair, dispelling claims that she wore extensions. According to Chris, Princess Diana’s long and voluminous mane is entirely natural, showcasing the softness and split ends that are characteristic of untreated hair. His expert opinion sheds light on the importance of maintaining healthy hair, regardless of the color or style choices.

Kim Kardashian’s journey to platinum blonde and back again highlights the ever-changing nature of fashion and beauty trends. While her bold choices are celebrated by some, they also spark debates and criticism from others. As the 2024 Met Gala approaches, all eyes will be on Kim and her next iconic look, showcasing the power of self-expression and individuality in the world of high fashion.


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