The Buzz Behind Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

The Buzz Behind Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring

Recent photos of Meghan Markle sporting her stunning diamond engagement ring have caused quite a buzz on social media. Fans have been speculating if the Duchess of Sussex has upgraded her center stone to a larger diamond. The 42-year-old royal was seen wearing a “love like a mother” T-shirt in an Instagram post for a charity, Alliance of Moms, and some eagle-eyed social media users pointed out that Markle’s three-stone engagement ring appeared larger than usual in the snaps.

Users on social media platforms shared their opinions on the possible size change of Meghan Markle’s ring. Some believed that the diamond had doubled in size, while others argued that it looks the same and the difference could be due to lighting or additional rings worn alongside. One fan mentioned that many women upgrade their diamonds, implying that it is not uncommon for Markle to do the same.

Jewelry expert Maxwell Stone weighed in on the matter, stating that it is challenging to discern any changes from the available photos. He mentioned that Markle had previously upgraded her ring in 2019 by changing the original thick yellow gold band for a pavé design and adding a second diamond band. Stone also noted that Markle had been seen without the ring for several months in 2023, as it was allegedly undergoing repairs at the time.

Stone suggested that the perceived difference in size could be a trick of the light or due to the fact that Meghan Markle hasn’t been wearing her ring as frequently in recent months. He explained that when she does wear it, the ring may appear more prominent, leading to speculation about a possible upgrade. Markle’s engagement ring features a center stone from Botswana and two diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection, making it a significant piece of jewelry.

The speculation surrounding Meghan Markle’s engagement ring showcases the fascination and attention to detail that fans and social media users have towards the royal family. Whether or not the diamond has been upgraded, the ring remains a symbol of love and history, representing a beautiful connection between Markle, Prince Harry, and the late Princess Diana.


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