The Royal Style: Princess Charlene and Family’s Fashion at Monaco E-Prix

The Royal Style: Princess Charlene and Family’s Fashion at Monaco E-Prix

Princess Charlene of Monaco never fails to impress with her impeccable style, and the 2024 Monaco E-Prix was no exception. Dressed head-to-toe in Louis Vuitton, the 46-year-old royal looked like a vision in the designer’s ‘Wetsuit Pull Tailored Jacket’, black cargo pants, and ‘Heartbreaker’ black leather pumps. Her platinum blonde pixie cut was elegantly styled into a side parting, and her makeup consisted of a soft smokey eye, faux corner lashes, peachy-toned blush, and deep pink lipstick, enhancing her ageless beauty glow.

While all eyes were on Princess Charlene, her daughter Princess Gabriella stole the show with her own chic ensemble. The nine-year-old princess looked effortlessly stylish in white jeans, ballet pink suede loafers, and a stunning candy pink leather jacket. With her honey-blonde hair styled in a plaited crown and a block fringe framing her delicate features, Princess Gabriella truly resembled her elegant mother.

Not to be outdone, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert’s son, Prince Jacques, also showcased his impeccable style at the Monaco E-Prix. The young prince looked equally smart in black jeans, grey suede loafers, and a sleek black leather jacket. With his parents setting the bar high in terms of fashion, Prince Jacques proved that style runs in the royal family.

Royal Family Outings

The Monaco E-Prix was just one of the many outings where Princess Charlene, Princess Gabriella, and Prince Jacques have been spotted looking like a picture-perfect royal family. From visiting the Monaco World in Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg to attending royal engagements, the twins are gradually becoming more visible in the public eye. Princess Charlene’s observations about her children, where she describes her daughter as outgoing and spontaneous, while her son is more reserved and observant, show the unique personalities of the young royals.

Princess Charlene and her family’s fashion choices at the Monaco E-Prix showcase a perfect blend of elegance, style, and sophistication. From the timeless beauty of Princess Charlene to the mini-me moments of Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques’ smart appearances, the royal family continues to capture attention with their impeccable sense of style. As the young royals grow older, it will be interesting to see how their individual personalities and sense of style continue to evolve, making them a fashion-forward royal family to watch.


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