Discover Emma Willis’ Beauty Secrets With Absolute Collagen

Discover Emma Willis’ Beauty Secrets With Absolute Collagen

Emma Willis, the beloved British presenter, is known for her natural beauty and self-confidence. This summer, she is looking forward to lighter evenings, warmer weather, playing games with her kids in the garden, BBQs, and spending time with friends. Emma emphasized the importance of staying hydrated during the warmer months and always applying SPF when stepping out. She swears by Absolute Collagen’s Deep Lift Day Cream for its SPF content and prefers to go makeup-free when she is not working.

Since becoming an ambassador for Absolute Collagen in 2023, Emma has noticed that her skin appears more hydrated and feels lovely. She appreciates the fact that the brand’s sachets work on the inside as well, ensuring overall skin health. Emma first met Absolute Collagen’s co-founder, Maxine, during a charity trek in 2021 and developed a bond over charity fundraising. Emma later joined the Absolute Collagen team as its first Brand Absoluter, highlighting her commitment to the brand and its ethos.

Founded by Maxine and her daughter Darcy, Absolute Collagen offers liquid collagen supplements that are easily absorbed by the body. Recognizing the lack of effectiveness in solid collagen tablets due to fillers and binders, Absolute Collagen formulated a highly concentrated liquid dose with the maximum amount of premium collagen. Renowned medical aesthetic doctor Dr. Sophie Shotter advocates for collagen supplements, praising Absolute Collagen’s 8,000mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen with Vitamin C as the gold standard.

Results from a clinical trial showcased impressive benefits of Absolute Collagen’s supplement, including improved skin elasticity, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin evenness, and firmer skin. Dr. Sophie emphasized the tangible benefits that users can experience within a short time period. The supplement, featuring a delicious mango and mandarin flavor, is lactose, gluten, and dairy-free, making it a suitable choice for all individuals seeking to improve their skin health.

Emma reflected on her journey towards confidence in front of the camera, attributing it to time, experience, and self-acceptance. She encouraged readers to embrace their uniqueness, prioritize self-care, focus on positivity, and let go of overthinking. Emma’s favorite me-time activities include Stretch Therapy and reformer pilates, which contribute to a strong body and mind. When asked about what she is most proud of, Emma expressed admiration for her family, highlighting the joy they bring into her life.

Emma lauded Maxine, Absolute Collagen’s founder, as a powerhouse who exudes kindness, humility, and inspiration. Maxine’s dedication to the brand and commitment to making a positive impact on others, including Emma, serves as a source of admiration.

Emma Willis’ partnership with Absolute Collagen not only underscores her dedication to skincare and wellness but also highlights the brand’s innovative approach to collagen supplements. With a focus on inner and outer beauty, Emma’s beauty secrets and tips serve as a guiding light for anyone looking to enhance their confidence and skincare routine.


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