Gigi Hadid Stuns in Thom Browne Dress at the Met Gala 2024

Gigi Hadid Stuns in Thom Browne Dress at the Met Gala 2024

Gigi Hadid made a bold statement at the 2024 Met Gala with her white off-the-shoulder Thom Browne dress. The dress featured a tiered skirt adorned with yellow flowers, perfectly aligning with the night’s theme of “The Garden of Time.” Unlike many other celebrities, Gigi opted to fly solo on the red carpet, highlighting her own individuality and independence.

After the Met Gala, Gigi’s stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, shared intricate details about the stunning dress. The tiered skirt was actually detachable, revealing a column gown underneath with a corset top. The white dress itself was a masterpiece, adorned with 3D yellow rose embroidery, green vines, and thorns. The craftsmanship involved in creating the dress was truly astounding, with a total of 2,800,000 micro bugle beads and 8,500 hours of embroidery work.

Gigi Hadid is no stranger to the Met Gala, having graced the event with her presence on multiple occasions. Last year, she made heads turn in a partly-sheer, black cutout corset dress by Givenchy for the “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty” theme. Her fashion choices are always daring and trend-setting, cementing her status as a style icon.

In a candid interview, Gigi shared insights into her life and values. She emphasized the importance of living in the moment and enjoying the process, rather than fixating on specific goals. Gigi’s daughter, Khai, plays a significant role in her daily routine, with mother and daughter often getting ready together. Gigi’s affection for Khai shines through as she describes their shared moments of laughter, dancing, and bonding.

As Gigi continues to make her mark on the fashion world, her Met Gala appearances serve as a testament to her evolving style and confidence. With each red carpet moment, Gigi Hadid showcases her unique blend of retro glamour and modern sophistication, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

Gigi Hadid’s fashion choices at the Met Gala 2024 set a new standard for elegance and innovation. Her Thom Browne dress was a true work of art, combining intricate detailing with a touch of whimsy. As Gigi continues to navigate her career and personal life, one thing is certain – she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion.


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