Discovering Meghan Markle-Inspired Fashion Finds

Discovering Meghan Markle-Inspired Fashion Finds

As an avid online shopper, both for personal items and professionally, my eyes lit up when I came across River Island’s new white and blue floral shirt dress. It immediately reminded me of Meghan Markle’s stunning Oscar de la Renta dress, adorned with a Wedgewood inspired pattern, which she gracefully wore to a wedding back in 2018. Meghan’s designer gown came with a hefty price tag of £4,800 and sold out quickly after she flaunted it at the special event. Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for an affordable version of my own, and River Island seemed to have nailed it.

Among the many gorgeous dresses Meghan has worn, her Oscar de la Renta dress stood out to me for its timeless print, long sleeves, and versatile appeal across seasons. The way she effortlessly carried herself in that beautiful piece at a British church, looking both elegant and approachable, left a lasting impression on many fashion enthusiasts, including myself. I pictured myself wearing a similar dress to various occasions, from weddings to office meetings, and the River Island shirt dress seemed to embody all the elements I adored about Meghan’s floral ensemble.

Decoding the Details of the River Island Dress

Unlike Meghan’s wrap neckline, River Island’s dress features a classic collar with a neckline that can be styled as a low-V or buttoned up for a more conservative look. The Obi-style belt adds a flattering touch by cinching the waist and creating definition, but it can also be easily removed for a more laid-back vibe. What truly elevates this River Island creation to Meghan-material is the choice of fabric – a flowy material that echoes the Duchess of Sussex’s ethereal look, steering away from the typical stiff cotton or poplin often seen in shirt dresses. The non-conventional floral print, reminiscent of the 18th Century French pattern Toile de Jouy, adds a vintage flair to the overall modern silhouette of the midi shirt dress.

River Island is not the only brand tapping into the Toile de Jouy trend for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. A quick search for ‘blue and white floral dresses’ reveals a plethora of options available in the market. Brands like All Saints, Abercrombie, and Yumi have all embraced this classic print in their collections, offering variations that cater to different style preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the simplicity of a shirt dress, the femininity of a milkmaid silhouette, or the elegance of a wrap design, there’s a Meghan-inspired fashion find out there for everyone.

Overall, the allure of Meghan Markle’s fashion choices continues to inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts alike, proving that royal style can be accessible and achievable for anyone with a keen eye for detail and a love for timeless elegance.


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