The Timeless Style of the Duchess of Edinburgh at Royal Ascot

The Timeless Style of the Duchess of Edinburgh at Royal Ascot

The Duchess of Edinburgh is known for her impeccable sense of style, which sets her apart from the rest of the royal family. Her wardrobe is a mix of timeless and tailored pieces that exude elegance and sophistication.

Royal Ascot is more than just a horse racing event – it is a sartorial spectacle where racegoers showcase their finest attire and most magnificent hats. The Royal Enclosure has a strict dress code that requires guests to adhere to specific guidelines, such as skirts below the knee, shoulder straps of one inch or wider, and the mandatory wearing of hats.

In 1995, the Duchess of Edinburgh, then known as Sophie Rhys-Jones, made a stunning appearance at Royal Ascot with her boyfriend Prince Edward. Despite pushing the boundaries with a halter neckline, Sophie looked exquisite in a white dress cinched at the waist by a snake-print corset. Her figure-flattering ensemble was completed by a chic bolero jacket and a bow-adorned, wide-brimmed hat.

The Duchess of Edinburgh’s love for bow-themed garments has been a recurring theme in her wardrobe for nearly three decades. In 2023, she wore a heavenly white dress with striking bow detailing at Royal Ascot, proving that her style is both timeless and sophisticated. Even on Christmas Day, she donned a green coat with statement bow detailing, showcasing her unique and elegant fashion sense.

The Duchess of Edinburgh’s style at Royal Ascot is a true reflection of her unmatched elegance and sophistication. Her ability to adhere to the strict dress code while still infusing her personal touch is truly commendable. With each appearance, she continues to captivate onlookers with her regal fashion choices and impeccable attention to detail.


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