Zendaya’s Tennis-Inspired Fashion Looks for the Challengers Press Tour

Zendaya’s Tennis-Inspired Fashion Looks for the Challengers Press Tour

As Zendaya gears up for the release of the highly anticipated movie Challengers, she has been making waves with her tennis-inspired fashion choices during the press tour. Just a day before the release, Zendaya was spotted in not one, not two, but three different outfits throughout the day. Her first look of the day was a custom white dress from On, an athletic brand. The dress featured a plunging, collared neckline and dramatic slits down each leg, giving off a sporty yet chic vibe. Zendaya paired the dress with fresh white tennis sneakers and slicked back her hair into a sleek ponytail.

For her second outfit of the day, Zendaya opted for a more casual yet stylish look. She donned a white and green pleated tennis skirt paired with a cropped quarter zip by Longchamp, along with the same white sneakers from her earlier outfit. Completing the ensemble was a cream-colored canvas tote bag that had the words “Black Girls Tennis Club” written in green letters. Zendaya pulled her hair back into a ponytail secured with a matching green scrunchie, adding a playful touch to the look.

As the day transitioned into night, Zendaya switched gears and got dressed up for a night out. She dazzled in a custom white, fitted, hooded maxi dress by Alaïa, which she paired with white round-toe pumps and Bulgari jewelry. Walking alongside her stylist, Law Roach, who sported an Adidas tracksuit with a matching cap, Zendaya exuded elegance and sophistication in her evening attire.

Zendaya’s Behind-the-Scenes Peek

In addition to her fabulous fashion moments, Zendaya also shared a glimpse behind the scenes of filming Challengers on her Instagram. She posted a carousel of clips showcasing her tennis training and off-guard photos of her co-stars, expressing her nerves and excitement as the movie’s release date drew near. This marked Zendaya’s first time leading a film in such a manner, and she expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement she had received from her fans and colleagues.

As Zendaya continues to captivate audiences both on and off the screen, her impeccable sense of style and grace serve as a testament to her status as a fashion icon and rising star in the entertainment industry. Her ability to effortlessly transition from sporty daytime looks to sophisticated evening ensembles solidifies her position as a trendsetter and a force to be reckoned with in the world of fashion and film.


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